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An Open Letter to Senator Elect David Perdue
You have six years to prove you're one of the good guys. - Prothro

More Evidence Big Government Disadvantages Small Business
The results of Dodd-Frank further evidence the corrupt relationship between Big Government and Big Business. - Prothro

Romney was Right on Russia
Obama's mocking debate performance looks ignorant now that we're in a proxy war with Russia. - Prothro

Conservatism Just Another Sin to Tax
How the left justifies the IRS scandal. - Prothro

Why Do Intellectuals Prefer Socialism?
Hayek explains. - Prothro 

The Big Reveal
Unlike the decision to kill Osama, Benghazi was a true test of leadership. - Prothro 

Dignity Lost in the Election
Another casualty of the election. - Prothro 

Hurricane Sandy:  How the Broken Window Fallacy Applies
Bastiat explains why the hurricane cleanup will not improve the economy. - Timeless Voices 

Why It Matters that Obama "believes in redistribution"
Another bite of wisdom from Thomas Sowell. - Links 

Interventionism and Economic Crisis
Thomas Sowell explains the history of government "recovery".  - Links 

Obama and the Constitution
Ramesh Ponnuru says the rule of law is on the ballot. - Links 

Solyndra vs. North Dakota
Michael Barone's cautionary tale of central planning. - Links 

Time For Some Good News
What else is going on while everyone talks tax returns. - Goll 

Krugman Takedown
What we all want to say to Paul Krugman. - Video 

America Already is Europe
Read it and weep. - Links 

On How Not to Attack Fellow Conservatives
Is intelligent, thoughtful criticism too much to ask for? - Goll 

A Philosopher for the Facebook Generation
Theodore Dalrymple explains Rousseau's dismal but significant legacy. - Links 

17 Year Old Calls His 13 Year Old Self Naive
Sometimes life does imitate the onion. - Prothro

Roberts’ Decision Will Outmaneuver Obama Long-term
The real holding of the decision: President Mitt Romney.  - Goll 

Obamacare Ruling May Be Good for Conservatism
Four reasons not to fret. - Prothro 

Please Just Stick to Acting
Another enlightened actor tells us why we're all rubes. - Prothro

Paul Krugman's Follies
Guy Sorman reviews Krugman's End This Depression Now! - Links

The PE Man vs. the Statist
What the argument is really about.  - Prothro 

About Obama's Latest Jobs Argument
The private and public sector live and die together. - Prothro

Explain This to Me
Obama's new attack ad is ridiculous. - Prothro

Doubling Down on Failure
Taxing the productive sector to fund the pipedreams of Big Labor and the Huffington Post is not a good idea. - Prothro 

Ron Paul Asks a Good Question
Why do we now consider our first principals "unconventional"?  - Video Link

Jonathan Alter Defends Obama with a Pathetic Non-Argument
And so has every Obama apologist before him. - Prothro 

Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics
Stephen Moore at WSJ says the winner is clear. - Links

NYT Agrees with LL on Green Jobs
Kind of. - Prothro 

Artificially Low Interest Rates Prevent Recovery
An analysis any Austrian could love. - Links

More on Government's Inability to Create Jobs
Shlaes says government spending suffocates job growth. - Links

Government and the Economy
The idea that the government can grow the economy is seriously flawed. - Links 

Clearing up Constitution Confusion
W. James Antle, III clears up some confusion at the NYT. - Links 

Hayek Makes a Comeback?
Keynes and Friedman down; Hayek up. - Links

The Stimulus Explained
Harvard's N. Gregory Mankiw breaks it down. - Links

5 Top Conservative Books
Timeless Voices:  See what some well-qualified voters came up with. - Goll

Hayek and Economic Cooperation
The market economy is infinitely more communal than its critics will ever admit. - Goll

Taxes Evaporate the Economy
M. Frederic Bastiat refutes the tax and spend model of economic growth. - Prothro

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