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Who We Are

Lasting Liberty exists to bridge timeless political philosophy with contemporary politics.  Too often, political philosophy is relegated to academic seminars while sloganeering and superficial policy arguments dominate debate.  Thus, Lasting Liberty is designed to elevate political discourse in America and encourage the thoughtful citizen who seeks deeper political engagement.

Guide to Our Site

Home Page: Here is where we present our latest pieces, video, favorites from around the web updated daily, news links, and a link to our Twitter and our Facebook pages. 
Timeless Voices: On this page we look at current political issues through the lens of what well-known political philosophers had to say on the same issue.
Media: This page hosts our media center where we feature informative interview clips and audio segments.
Principles: On the principles page we elaborate on one of our core principles listed in the About LL page, often using the writing of philosophers.
Commentary: This page features our weekly staff editorials.
Submissions: It is your turn to write for us! If we like it, we’ll either use it or save it for future publication.
LL Blog: The blog is our more informal section where we try our hand at punditry, look at elections, attempt humor, and many other things one might find on a typical blog.

Our Philosophy

Lasting Liberty promotes what is today most commonly referred to as conservatism, as some say, classical liberalism.  As such, we believe in liberty as the primary driver of a just society.

Of the countless definitions of conservatism, we prefer Michael Oakeshott’s understanding:

“Governing is a specific and limited activity, namely the provision and custody of general rules of conduct, which are understood, not as plans for imposing substantive activities, but as instruments enabling people to pursue the activities of their own choice with the minimum frustration, and therefore something which it is appropriate to be conservative about.

Focused on advancing liberty, this website will advocate:

  • The rule of law
  • The dignity of the individual
  • Limited government
  • Transcendental/self-evident truths
  • Opposition to central planning 
  • Deference for tradition
  • Skepticism of state action
  • Federalism 
  • Colorblind politics
  • Just war and prudence in the use of force 
  • Private property
  • Free market capitalism