GZ Mosque About Sacredness not Constitutionality
Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 7:21AM
Kevin Goll

The Ground Zero mosque issue has exploded so far out of control that it has become borderline nauseating to listen to opinions on it. In that spirit, I now offer you my opinion on the GZ mosque. But for the sake of brevity, I will format my opinion as simply answering questions. 

Does this Muslim group or any other Muslim group have a right to build a mosque near ground zero? Yes, of course. No serious person argues differently.

Will the GZ mosque be a symbolic loss in the war on terror? Ehhh, I don’t really think so.

Will building the GZ mosque tangibly harm the country? Nah.

Should the GZ mosque get built? No.

Why? Well….

There is an important, much larger cultural point to be made here. Ground Zero is sacred ground. Sacred. And we as a culture do not give proper respect to those things that ought to be held as sacred.

Childhood innocence ought to be held sacred, yet we litter the airwaves with sex and profanity and label those who might object as Puritans.

The practice of law ought to be sacred, yet we allow attorneys to have cheap, gimmicky ads insinuating that lawsuits are some sort of get-rich-quick options.

The office of the presidency ought to be sacred, yet our own vice president refers to the president he serves as “Barack.”

Ground Zero is sacred ground. And what happens in and around Ground Zero ought to happen with the extreme sensibilities of those who lost their lives there solely in mind. Ground Zero is not that place to make a point about how building a mosque would show off the best of America. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t. But Ground Zero is and should only ever be the place where the victims are honored. Some say the terrorists win if we don’t build the mosque. Poppycock. The terrorists win when we stop honoring the victims.

Maybe we can talk about building a mosque when we finally have a memorial built at Ground Zero. In fact, that would be a great time to talk about building a mosque a few blocks down from a respectful, honoring memorial.

You wouldn’t build an NRA museum next to the location of a gun crime. You wouldn’t air an anti-Semitic ad during a showing of Schindler’s List. And you shouldn’t build the GZ mosque. Certainly not now, without a memorial to honor the victims first.

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