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The Big Reveal

The Reason Behind the Benghazi Deception

In General Lee’s Army, Joseph Glatthaar tries to explain why young men in the south, some with no slaves and even relatives in the Union Army, volunteered to fight with the Confederates.  The answer is multi-faceted, but the author notes that many men joined the Rebel army in essence to test their mettle—to discover how they would react in a firefight.  Verbal bluster and talk of honor, they knew, meant nothing if they panicked and ran away when bullets started flying.

Which brings us to the Obama Administration’s handling of the Benghazi killings.  At the time of Benghazi, the Obama reelection team was hyping the Osama bin Laden killing and Obama’s strong, decisive, and “gutsy” leadership. Unlike the killing of Osama, however (which was a long-planned and long-deliberated no brainer) Benghazi was Obama’s first real fight.  This was a fight requiring quick action and characterized by imperfect information and a rapidly changing environment.

And when the time came to test Obama’s mettle, did he make the “gutsy call” and order his military to do everything it could, including scrambling fighters, to save our people under attack?  No, he ignored the calls for help, demurred responsibility, and (as far as we know) went to bed. 

If Benghazi was a shining moment in Obama’s leadership, we would know about it.  We would have pictures from the situation room, lengthy speeches from Obama about everything he did, and never ending reminders of his daring leadership.

Instead, we get obfuscation and deceit:  proof positive that Obama was tested with Benghazi and failed miserably.