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An Open Letter to Senator Elect David Perdue

Dear David Perdue:

Congratulations on winning a seat in the US Senate.  You have six years to prove you are one of the good guys.

Georgians are not sending you to Washington to breeze through your term without causing any trouble.  In fact, we expect you to make enemies—many of them—as you hammer through reforms and speak up for the principles of free enterprise, morality, de-centralized power, and individual responsibility. 

Washington is a mess—rife with incompetence, greed, corruption, and selfish ambition.  Many of your colleagues in the Senate have no principles and no determinable skills beyond the unfortunate cleverness they use to win reelection.  You must stand out from this mob.  Be a man of virtue and principle, stiff-necked and determined; speak up for the values that made our country great, and do so loudly. 

Now go make us proud.


John Prothro