NYT Agrees with Lasting Liberty on Green Jobs
Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 12:11AM
John Prothro

In an article last August in Lasting Liberty, I responded to the popular push for "green jobs" with skepticism. The government could not and would not create jobs by promoting a pet industry, I wrote, only legitimate market forces could create sustainable jobs.

It took the New York Times a year to acknowledge I was right.  From an article in the 18 August 2011 issue:

...the green economy is not proving to be the job-creation engine that many politicians envisioned. President Obama once pledged to create five million green jobs over 10 years. Gov. Jerry Brown promised 500,000 clean-technology jobs (in California) by the end of the decade. But the results so far suggest such numbers are a pipe dream...Federal and state efforts to stimulate creation of green jobs have largely failed, government records show.

Not only has the green jobs push failed to create jobs, it has been a huge waste as well:

Two years after it was awarded $186 million in federal stimulus money to weatherize drafty homes, California has spent only a little over half that sum and has so far created the equivalent of just 538 full-time jobs in the last quarter, according to the State Department of Community Services and Development.

According to these numbers, this program spent well over 170,000 USD per full time job created.

Of course, the Times doesn't explicitly acknowledge the real problem--that being, that the market economy and individual consumers are not so easily manipulated.

The problem isn't economics, according to "advocates and entrepreneurs" the Times interviewed. The problem is with government.  Washington, they contend, didn't do enough to pass cap and trade and tighten environmental regulation.  More government intervention, they contend, is the answer. Isn't it always?

This ideological thinking is why in Obama's September jobs speech we aren't likely to hear the President admit his green jobs plan has failed.  He's more likely to double down on his mistake.

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