17 Year Old Calls His 13 Year Old Self "Naive"
Monday, July 2, 2012 at 2:21PM
John Prothro

As the WSJ's James Taranto is fond of pointing out, sometimes Life Imitates the Onion.  Today's Politico has a piece on a boy made famous after a speech he gave at a CPAC convention at 13 years old.  Jonathan Krohn, according to Politico, was supposed to be a boy wonder and political superstar of the right; that is, until he changed his mind and moved left.  Here is Krohn explaning his conversion:

“I think it was naive,” Krohn now says of the speech. “It’s a 13-year-old kid saying stuff that he had heard for a long time...The speech was something that a 13-year-old does. You haven’t formed all your opinions. You’re really defeating yourself if you think you have all of your ideas in your head when you were 12 or 13. It’s impossible. You haven’t done enough.”
So now at 17 Mr. Krohn has done enough to have mature, fully formed opinions.  Hilarious.
According to Politico, this story puts aside the notion that as one grows older one becomes more conservative. Four years have passed, and that is not true for Jonathan. He's a grown man now and his opinions have matured--to the left.  It wasn't that Krohn changed his opinions because he got a real job or otherwise took on some real responsibilty.  No, Krohn's transformation was more theoretical.  The article explains Krohn evolved from reading Bill Bennett and listening to talk radio to studying German philosophy (always a good idea) and watching The Daily Show.
Now Krohn is ready to grow even more and journey further into the real world.  After graduation, he plans to enroll in New York University to study film and philosphy.  Oh, the perspective he will have after four more years!
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