Conservatism Just Another Sin to Tax
Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 8:19AM
John Prothro

The outrage over the IRS targeting conservative groups is warranted, but the shock is not.  The tax code for decades has been used as a manipulative tool of social planners.

Disregarding the rule of law, lawmakers have used the tax code to encourage “good” and punish “bad” behavior that otherwise cannot be mandated.  For years, whole classes of people have been disadvantaged because tax laws are neither made nor implemented equally.

So-called “sin taxes” are the best example.  Sin taxes are popular because they target minorities participating in activities the majority considers undesirable.  It may not be illegal to smoke, buy a yacht, rent, stay single, or drink soda, but government still can punish those who do—simply because the majority disapproves. 

Leftism has always been a religion. Fixed on perfecting the world, leftists are used to commissioning the tax code in their crusade.  As such, one can almost forgive Lois Lerner for believing she “did nothing wrong” in allegedly targeting conservative groups.  In her world it is okay to target sinners, and there is no greater sinner than a Conservative.


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