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Jonah Goldberg's Essay on President Obama's Socialism

NRO's Jonah Goldberg has a new, lengthy, essay in Commentary entitled "What Kind of Socialist is Barack Obama?" (Danger, Will Robinson!)

It is well-worth the time to read, as it is full of what I might call contemporary, easily digestible political theory. A sample:

In many respects, Barack Obama’s neo-socialism is neoconservatism’s mirror image. Openly committed to ending the Reagan era, Obama is a firm believer in the power of government to extend its scope and grasp far deeper into society. In much the same way that neoconservatives accepted a realistic and limited role for the government, Obama tolerates a limited and realistic role for the market: its wealth is necessary for the continuation and expansion of the welfare state and social justice. While neoconservatism erred on the side of trusting the nongovernmental sphere—mediating institutions like markets, civil society, and the family—neosocialism gives the benefit of the doubt to government. Whereas neoconservatism was inherently skeptical of the ability of social planners to repeal the law of unintended consequences, Obama’s ideal is to leave social policy in their hands and to bemoan the interference of the merely political.